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Unable to print, modify, and copy selected portions of Adobe PDF Files?

Then your PDF file is likely to be secured with owner or master password. The most benefiting feature of PDF i.e. password protection, sometimes become the nuisance for the users or the reader. PDF files are protected with “owner password” (sometimes called master or permission password) for securing data or content of PDF file from unnecessary access of unwanted users. In case when need arises for users to copy some critical data or content from PDF, to print or modify the PDF, it becomes necessary to gain full access to print it, modify it, and copy selected portions of text from it. Now the subject matter is, how to decrypt such protected or encrypted or secured PDF files.

A "secured" PDF file will look like this if you open it in Adobe Reader:

When you have the “Secured” PDF file, it’s just a viewable and readable version; you won’t be able to print, edit, modify or copy content from such PDF files.

Solution is PDF Unlocker to Unlock Secured PDF

PDF Unlocker is a widely needed tool to unlock a secured Adobe PDF File. When manual process of unlocking PDF is incapable to yield good results, then utlizing the services of a reliable PDF Unlocker tool is the only option left. Get the PDF Unlocker downloaded from PDFUnlocker.info to unlock secured PDF files with absolute ease. With PDF Unlocker program, you can remove PDF restrictions and unlock a secured PDF in just few seconds.

Easy to Use PDF Unlocker Solution

This PDF Unlocker is extremely easy to use. Just select the PDF file and unlock it using Unlock PDF switch of PDF Unlocker. In just a few seconds, you will have an unsecured PDF file with no restrictions. You can edit, print, copy, and more comprehensive functions on your PDF files.

Presented with FREE Trial option

Not sure if PDF Unlocker tool will unlock a secured PDF or not?
Obtain the FREE trial of PDF Unlocker by downloading from here –

FREE trial is a DEMO version of PDF Unlocker that unlocks 2 pages of secured PDF file. This helps users to check the authenticity and the proper working of the software.

Pay only $9 and use it forever !

Yes, PDF Unlocker is the most affordable tool among all the solutions available in an online market. Full edition tool is available at just 9 USD and you can unlock all pages, unlock unlimited PDF files in just few seconds.

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What PDF Unlocker Can't Do

Our PDF Unlocker is able to unlock PDF files secured with owner password, unlock restrictions from PDF file.
But PDF Unlocker can NOT:

  • Unlock PDF files protected with user/open password.
  • Remove other protections, such as DRM or third part plug-in.

Platform Supported :
The PDF Unlocker tool is well-matched with all PDF 1.1 - 1.5 editions, including all kinds of decryptions, for unlocking PDF files.

Hence, gain a full access to the encrypted PDF document, all you need is easy and swift PDF Unlocker tool being designed for the sole purpose of unlocking secured PDF file.